A month into the new year, both long-time residents and new homeowners of luxury homes for sale in Incline Village NV are looking into interior design trends for 2016 that they can incorporate into their homes. So if you’re thinking of redecorating your space for a fresh new look, here are the top interior design trends you should know about:

Check out these top 8 design trends you can try in your very own luxury home for sale in Incline Village NV!

Design Trend 1: Bringing the outdoors indoors.

From condos for sale in Incline Village NV to luxury homes, an interior design trend that stands out the most is bringing the beauty of nature indoors. Whether it’s through indoor plants or multi-purpose furniture that can be used both indoors and outdoors, find the right balance of indoor and outdoor fixtures to fill your space.

Design Trend 2: Colored stainless steel appliances.

In a poll at Houzz, nearly two-thirds of the respondents said that they would consider colored stainless steel appliances to its traditional shiny silver metal counterpart. Check out the black stainless collection of LG or the sunset bronze finish of Whirlpool appliances.

Design Trend 3: Rounded furniture.

“Touch is essential to design,” said Los Angeles designer Timothy Corrigan. As such, smooth rounded furniture is a staple aesthetic you’ll surely find in most homes this year – from tables to chairs, bookcases, lamps, and more.

Design Trend 4: Sunrooms.

This year, interior design has focused on engagement and communication between residents of Incline Village NV luxury homes for sale. Take into account the growing design trend of adding sunrooms, an extra room for people to hang out having easy conversations and enjoying being bathed in natural light.

Beautify your Incline Village NV luxury home with these simple design ideas!

Design Trend 5: Formal dining rooms.

Family is at the focus of formal dining rooms. Instead of converting the space into a home office or a media room, this year will see a resurgence of beautiful formal dining rooms where families can enjoy each other’s company over a sumptuous homemade meal.

Design Trend 6: Statement bathroom mirrors.

Every good designer knows exactly how a single simple detail can completely transform the entire look and feel of a room. As such, statement bathroom mirrors will become a welcome beautiful fixture in Incline Village NV lakefront real estate properties.

Design Trend 7: Geometric tile patterns.

Geometric patterns that create a fluid movement is another design trend to watch for. Whether it’s a countertop or a decorative backsplash or an intricate floor pattern, geometric tiles will definitely be seen in a lot of homes this year.

Design Trend 8: Deep drawers in the kitchen.

Who doesn’t like added storage? This year, even more homes are looking into updating their kitchen storage with deep corner drawers that can perfectly hold more of their kitchen needs. You’ll also see more drawers under kitchen sinks and range tops.

Ready to remodel, redecorate and update your luxury home? Opt for a combination of these beautiful interior design trends to make a statement. If you’re looking for even more tips for updating your home for sale in the Incline Village Crystal Bay area, visitwww.InclineLuxuryHomes.com today!

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