The True Cost Of Home Improvement

Not understanding costs can make pricing out a home improvement difficult for many homeowners. Use the national average costs of these popular home projects to build your budget and start your project out right.

Let's take a look at the MOST and LEAST expensive projects on the list:



Bathroom Kitchen

Bathroom Remodel $9,313

Install a Shower $3,165

Install a Bathtub $2,896

Install a Faucet $242

Install Cabinets $4,560

Reface Cabinets $6,688

Install Countertops $2,667

Refinish Cabinets $2,564

Kitchen Remodel $20,474

Install Flooring $2,852


Roofing Windows Doors

Repair a Roof $676

Install  Roof $6,868

Clean a Roof $410

Install Holiday Lighting $378

Hire a Roof Inspector $223

Install Windows $4,759

Replace Window Glass $245

Install Weather Stripping $245

Clean Windows $206

Install a Garage Door $1,063

Repair a Garage Door $213

Install a Door $876

Install a Screen $276

Repair a Door $221


Lawn and Garden Landscaping

Trim or Remove Trees & Shrubs $66

Sprinkler Repair $227

Mow & Maintain a Lawn $160

Remove Leaves $313

Sprinkler System Maintenance $81

Install Sod $1,735

Repair Deck $1,422

Seal or Waterproof Deck $798

Install Sprinkler System $2,457

Build a Deck $6,915

Install Landscaping $3,010


Plumbing Electrical HVAC

Install Water Heater $943

Install New Plumbing Pipes $1,058      

Install a Faucet $242

Repair Clogged Drain $200

Repair Water Heater $501

Install a Sump Pump $1,062

Install a Septic Tank $4,610

Hire a Plumber $299

Install Ceiling Fan $242

Install Electrical Wiring $1,285

Hire a Electrician $322

Install Lighting Fixture $439

Install  Generator $3,225


Repair a Boiler $348

Repair a Furnace $268

Install a Furnace $3,921

Clean Ducts & Vents $339

Install an AC Unit $5,234

Repair an AC Unit $315

Source: HomeAdvisor